MPower Gives Back!

Mpower Theater has always served the community with every production.

UNTAMED July Production: Cynthia's Breast Cancer Giving Circle

The "Pocketbook Diaries" charity beneficiary: The Body and Soul Healing Arts Center

The "Butterfly Confessions charity beneficiary: The Convergence Resource Center

For "Hands Up" we offered 100 tickets to student and youth organizations including:

Carmen School of Science and Technology:
All Peoples Church:
Urban Underground:
Operation Dream:

Mpower Partners, Donors, and Supporters

There is no MPower without you. We appreciate you and will list your names for the world to see very soon!

How can I help?

We often come out of our own pockets to pay the bills. We have to pay licensing fees, venues, props, and theater expenses. We are always in need of people willing to donate money and/or time to keep community theater with a cause thriving.  We are always interested in playwrights, directors, dancers, musicians, poets and actors. We need people behind the scenes: stage crews, DJS, light and sound techs, makeup artists, set and costume designers, and more.

If you have a venue for rehearsals and performances, we can always use it.
If you would like to donate time, money, or would like us to put on a fundraiser or production, call 414-810-7697, use the contact form on this website, or email